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'I wanna kiss the bride' © John Byford Collection 

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The SEAS international festival was the catalyst needed to persuade John to present his long awaited public exhibition, something that he has always been so reluctant to give.
“Black/North SEAS is an arts adventure that reveals in story, song and image a vision of Europe drawn from the experiences of the communities that live on its shoreline.”
How better to portray our corner of the world than through the camera of a photographer who has passion for the locality and people coursing through his veins. This is apparent not only in his art, but in the relentless manner he encourages the preservation of history whilst also promoting the importance of embracing future opportunities within Skegness and surrounding areas to residents and visitors alike.
John bestowed on me the enviable, but daunting, task of selection and categorisation of the photographic material. This unashamedly became completely self-indulgent!
Temptation aside; my goal was to present
a cross-section of respectfully honest and glamorously quirky images in comprehensive form, giving candid sampling of John’s style, albeit moderated, (no sex please we’re British) without cauterising the elements essential to building a portrait of the artist himself.
We are under attack!
John Byford - Photographer
“John Byford Shoots...” – cheeky – I can cope with that – but hang on a minute “...he’ll even shoot your wife?!?” – photographically only of course!
Are the subjects of John’s long-term “shoot first ask questions later” mantra ready for this exhibition – who knows?
Is Skegness ready for this – yes, yes, yes!
Pollyanne Trapmore-Shaw, Photographic Exhibitionist
> The Embassy Theatre, Skegness 
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