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News Release [April 2012]

Award-winning local Skegness artist is announced for SO Festival 2012

Award winning photographer John Byford is set to bring some artistic sparkle to SO 2012, with a glittering, photographic portrayal of Helsingborg's and HelsingÝr's unique and lively character, in his own tale of two cities.

John will delight visitors to SO 2012 with his six-sided hexagon 'Peep Box' - an exhibit suitable for all ages which has recently been on display in Dunkers Kulturhus, Sweden and the Culture Yard, Denmark as part of the Passage 11 festival.

All 42 vibrant images, captured during a single weekend, will be presented in this bright red sculpture, to entice people to take a peek at whatís inside, and explore Byford's vision of the Swedish and Danish cities, sharing his passion for photography.

Byford combines unimpeachable technical prowess with an artistic virtuosity that confounds even a non-artistís determination not to be impressed. Always competent, often offbeat and compelling, and more occasionally inspiring, John has the ability to both capture major situations, or just fleeting moments, in a way that is both original and yet does full justice to the situation.

John’s project will be on display for all visitors throughout the SO Festival 2012 and is free to view.

Anyone interested in the festival should visit the website


Location: Compass Gardens Bandstand, Skegness.

When: 27th June ~ 1st July 2012. 7am - 12 midnight


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