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Photography is more popular than ever before, and there's never been a more exciting time to start collecting.

Photographs are modern, accessible and relatively inexpensive.

There is no need to specialise - simply buy the work you find the most beautiful, compelling or thought provoking.

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Contemporary photographers like myself produce prints as part of editions and strictly limit the number available.

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Try to avoid excess handling of your print and always wear white cotton gloves.

To conserve your print it should always be mounted and framed with acid-free materials.

when displaying your print always avoid direct sunlight, extremes of temperature and humid environments. And make sure you have adequate insurance!!

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Photo of John Byford wearing cold war gas mask by
Limited edition print ~ Edition of 7 only


Signed - 20 x 24 inch
Edition 1
Edition 2
Edition 3
Edition 4
Edition 5
Edition 6
Edition 7
fine art 325 gsm german etching
mounted & Framed

this is art  own art


   what life has taught me I would like to share!
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