Málaga Feria - Calle Marques de Larios

Málaga Feria  Byford.JOHN

The annual Málaga Feria (fair) in August is an exuberant week-long street party with plenty of flamenco and 'fino' (sherry). The fair commemorates the re-conquest of the city by Isabella and Ferdinand in 1487 and traditionally runs for a week from Saturday to Sunday (inclusive) over the third week in August.
This city fair is concentrated around Malaga's main shopping street - Calle Marques de Larios (Calle Larios for short) which is decorated with paper lanterns and flags. Millions of people visit the fair, although very few tourists seem to even know about this intrinsically Andalusian traditional fiesta.
Málaga Feria

Málaga Feria  ©Byford.JOHN

The Feria celebrations date back to 1487, when Los Reyes Católicos, Isabella and Ferdinand re-conquered the city. Over time, it has evolved into a huge event and it has two distinct facets – day and night. ‘La Feria de día’ warms up around midday. Restaurant and bars are full and spill over intot he street. Bands play free concerts in the little squares of the city centre. Head for Calle Llarios and follow the crounds. This Feria de dia oficially finishes at 18.00 hrs  This finishing time is earlier than some years ago and is now strictly observed by bars who turn off the music. The feria goewers and in particular the younger prefer to hang around and finish their drinks. The street cleaners and their hose pipes arrive in force and mark the real end to the Feria de dia.  ​​​​​​​
Málaga Feria  ©Byford.JOHN

Málaga Feria  ©Byford.JOHN

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