Sutton on Sea, England ©Byford.JOHN

Black/North SEAS is an arts adventure that reveals in story, song and image a vision of Europe drawn from the experiences of the communities that live on its shoreline. 10 different countries from the Black and North Sea regions of Europe are taking part, with Skegness being chosen as the only UK host.
The project launched in Odessa, Ukraine in May 2008 and concludes in Skegness. The SEAS Project brings together artists, politicians and community groups to focus on the challenges faced by people living in the region's coastal towns and cities.
SEAS Project in Skegness
SEAS was initiated by Swedish arts organisation Intercult. Arts Council England have supported East Lindsey District Council to participate in this project.
As well as the international artists attending the festival, there are a wide range of local artists including John Byford who will be taking part and showcasing his work.

SEAS X - Photo and documentation
John Byford (photographer, UK) turns his lens towards people and their experiences. He joined SEAS in Turkey and Georgia. A collaboration with Arts Council England/East Midlands.
Akçakoça Closest to Istanbul, this village seems to take on life in a slower tempo which makes the highly  modern mosque in the village center an unexpected  glimpse into the future.
Ünye The largest town during the trip, this thriving coastal town is working to integrate the sea and beach into their future of cultural tourism.
Camlihemsin A small village in the hills that maintains its roots of the Hemsin-people and has a greatly expanded summer population of Turks with country homes in the hills.
Hopa This border town is the regular stop of many trucks moving between Turkey and Georgia, the Caucasus and further to Iran.
Batumi is the second-largest city in Georgia. Located on the coast of the Black Sea, it is lined with palm trees and surrounded by mountains. Batumi is the region's tourist and gambling capital.