A collaboration that brings together Skegness, England with Bad Gandersheim, Germany for the State Garden Show. 
Location: Bad Gandersheim 
Date: 14.04.23 - 15.10.23 (6 months)​​​​​​​
After some very hard work, the original Skegness bench has been fully restored to its former glory.
Next year (2023), the bench will take pride of place, at the prestigious state garden show in Bad Gandersheim, Germany - an event that will see up to a million visitors to the city over six months.
The ‘Skegness Garden’ that’s being created for the show will consist of over twenty tons of sand, images of the wonderful Lincolnshire coastline, and the historic Jolly Fisherman bench of course, putting Skegness well and truly on the international map - not just as a wonderful place to visit, but as a destination for great arts and culture.
​​​​​​​Watch this space grow! ​​​​​​​
Postponement of state horticultural show 2022.
Mayor and LAGA management official announcement:
With the decision of the Bad Gandersheim City Council, the Bad Gandersheim State Horticultural Show will be postponed to 2023. The new event period is April 14 to October 15, 2023. Formally, the shareholders' meeting of the Landesgartenschau Bad Gandersheim gGmbH still has to comply with the resolutions of the council and district council; this will be done shortly by the end of the year.
With the decision to extend the project, the committees are making further financial resources available for the LAGA to compensate for the deficit. The calculated deficit amounts to a total of 4.7 million euros, of which the state of Lower Saxony has promised up to 3 million euros. The district and the city of Bad Gandersheim contribute to any deficit with 850,000 euros each.
The district council also decided to set up a staff position at the district building department head Julia Gottlieb, who should advise the LAGA supervisory board, as well as the creation of a position initially limited to two years for the tourist marketing of the state horticultural show and the establishment of a tourist network in the district.
Mayor Franziska Schwarz spoke of difficult weeks that lay behind everyone involved: “It was a shock that we had to cope with when the management recommended the postponement in November. All those involved have worked intensively over the past few weeks to find the best possible solution. I am very relieved that the committees followed the recommendation. We now have the planning security we need to make LAGA a success. The solution adopted means additional costs for the city, district and the state of Lower Saxony. At the same time, however, it is the only one that can achieve the effect for the region that has been aimed for from the start ”.
At the beginning of November, the managing directors Ursula Stecker and Thomas Hellingrath pointed out that the increasing effects of the corona pandemic no longer allow serious planning of the state event. After considering all the options, they recommended a postponement of one year. Thomas Hellingrath: “The discussion over the last few weeks has focused heavily on structural issues and the possibility of whether there might be a start on April 14, 2022. Our answer was always: Serious preparation for April 2022 is no longer possible due to the aggravated Corona situation. Here the construction work is only part of the complex problems ”.
Even if the main construction work on the state horticultural show site is within the timeframe, it is to be feared, for example, that the ramp on the B64 and the work in the outdoor pool will not be completed by April next year. However, they are important prerequisites for further projects such as the creation of the parking lot or the construction of the LAGA city entrance on the Osterbergsee and the establishment of catering on the outdoor pool area ”.
In addition, there are material bottlenecks in the wood, which is required for the expansion of the flower hall, for several bridges and the pavilion of the regions, as well as in the aluminum for the signs of the internal and external guidance system. There are also delays in delivery of paper, which is required for tickets and numerous marketing measures such as flyers and site plans. The timely procurement of equipment is also uncertain.
Ursula Stecker explains: “In the LAGA gear train, the completion of the site is one of many cogwheels, albeit a big one. However, the pandemic also makes implementation more difficult in less obvious places. Large tourism fairs, at which state horticultural shows are usually advertised and contracts concluded, are currently canceled for an indefinite period of time. The bus tour operators, who play a decisive role in economic success, were already in an uncertain situation weeks ago - and Omikron was still unknown ”.
The training of the culture guides is made very difficult in the event of an impending new lockdown. The partners and sponsors show great understanding for a postponement.
According to the two managing directors, the aim of their considerations was to achieve the greatest possible success, the best possible radiance and attention with the LAGA for the city, the district and the entire region. "That can only succeed if the LAGA takes place in its planned scope with all attractions - and this effect can most surely be achieved with the postponement".
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