John Byford @ LagOmer, Lanzarote. 2016
©Byford.JOHN  @ LagOmar, Lanzarote
I'm an observer of life with a passion for capturing and recording the things I see - we are all curators of history and I believe that my work holds a mirror to the world - each person can take from it something different. In this 'snapchat' generation, the world of photography is changing... photographs instantly vanish. It is a challenge to preserve images for the future.
I feel like an explorer - uncovering intrinsic personalities of people and places. I work with analogue and digital and I have always embraced new technology. I love the way that we can weave together the differing mediums, ever changing and evolving ways of creating and displaying work! 

Forging my way from the bottom up taught me basic skills, but most importantly it educated me in how best to use my eyes, how to view the world around me. I have been a self supporting and relatively successful artist, with fulfilling exhibitions around Europe, as well as utilising the more lucrative 'bread and butter' work which I enjoy presenting in unique ways.
I’m excited by and embrace everything the digital world has to offer. In contrast, having worked in a London darkroom from a young age, the raw elements of traditional film processing left a lasting impression - one of nostalgia and romance - the smell, touch and anticipation as methodical, calculated processes transform moments captured in time into memories for the future. Photography remains the most important tool we have for an unbiased documentation of history and social commentary.
I search for inspiration in many guises - sometimes order - often in chaos; always in truth and hopefully with integrity. As a photographer I’m reliant on the unique honesty of my subject matter - as an individual I’m influenced by life experience - as an artist I am the sum total of all these things and present - as verdict - my work. 

You be the judge!

Current Posts: 
Curator at The Embassy Gallery
Curator / Director @ Gallery 29

Visual Arts Award 2010 - [First Prize]
 Conferred Honoured Citizen Award 2021

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Member of the UK artists network