Gibraltar Point NNR - Hide & Seek

Undercover 1  [Bird Man]   ©Byford.JOHN

'Hide & Seek'
Award winning artist John Byford brought some artistic sparkle to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, with his 'Hide & Seek' project. John delighted visitors to Gibraltar Point NNR with eight pieces of work placed in bird hides across the nature reserve.
No 1 – Jackson’s Marsh Hide
Undercover x2
No 2 – Harvey’s Hide
Caravan of Love
No 3 – Fanella Hope Hide
Mad Dogs
No 4 -  Tennyson’s Sands North Hide
Charge of the Light Brigade
No 5 – Mere Hide
Paint The Whole Word
No 6 - Lagoon West Hide 
No 7 – Lagoon East Hide
Women's Institute
No 8 (Lill’s Hut)
Waiting for God
Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust